The Use of Lactosylureide in Sheep Diet

Veterinarni Medicina 36, 1991, 485-496

The objective of our trials was to verify a possibility of replacing soybean meal and grains in sheep diet by lactosylureide, with respect to sheep performance, feed conversion, nutrient digestibility, nitrogen balance and biochemical indicators of rumen digestion, and to find out the optimum rate of lactosylureide that will replace effectively the above-mentioned feeds in sheep diets. The tested batch of lactosylureide contained 41 % of crude protein in dry matter. The supplement was used in two trials with sheep. In the first trial there were 18 rams of the Merino breed divided into three groups, control (K-1) and two experimental ones (L-1 and L-2). The formulae of feed rations are shown in Tab. I. In this trial, isonitrogenous replacement of soybean meal in sheep diet by lactosylureide at the amount of 7.5 and 13.1 % of feed dry matter was investigated. After 30-day feeding period, metabolism trials were performed to determine nitrogen balance and nutrient digestibility (Tab. II). When the metabolism trial was finished, venous blood and rumen ingesta were sampled in the intervals before feeding, 1, 3, 5 and 7 hours after feeding

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