Skin Allergic Test in Chlamydia Induced-Abortion in Sheep

Veterinarni Medicina 36, 1991, 561-567

46 head of pregnant sheep, the Tsigaya breed, were subjected to the skin allergy test and subsequently divided into two groups (Tab. I). Sheep were in the 3rd month of gravidity and were a part of a flock consisting of 300 head, in which chlamydia-induced abortion was recorded in sheep. The skin allergic test was done by the Rodolakis et al. (1977) method, modified by us, to indicate the level of cell-mediated immune response. Simultaneously with it, serological examinations (complement fixation test - CFT) were performed to find out the levels of antibody against Ch. psittaci. The results of skin allergy test (SAT) and serological examination in sheep after bivalent vaccine administration are given in Tab. II. Of the total number of sheep ranked to vaccinated group, 18 head responded positively on SAT. After vaccination, 12 head responded positively though previously responded negatively. In vaccinated group one abort recorded in the sheep. No. 12 which was on the 0 day slightly positive in the skin test. High levels of antibody were found after abortion and the skin test (Tab. II) was highly positive. The results of SAT and serological examination in sheep, when placebo was administered, are given in Tab. III. 6 sheep aborted in the group, placebo was administered, are given in Tab. III. 6 sheep aborted in the group, of which 5 were negative and one was slightly positive on the day 0 in SAT. In 4 sheep abort was accompanied with significant increase in humoral antibody against Ch. psittaci. In sheep which aborted and were negative in SAT on the day 0, a marked positivity has been indicated in the replicated SAT test (Tab. III). The results of serological examinations exhibit no correlation with the SAT results. 23 sheep were SAT positive on the day 0 and at the same time serologically negative. 25 sheep exhibited positive levels against Ch. psittaci, these sheep had normal parturition though they were positive in SAT. It may be said that the levels of complement fixation antibody have no significant function from the view point of protection. In turn, cell-mediated immune response detected in SAT is in correlation with the protection against chlamydia-induced abortion in sheep

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