Changes in Clinical, Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of Controlled Breathing During Anesthesia in Dogs

Veterinarni Medicina 36, 1991, 309-314

Some clinico-biochemical parameters were investigated in fifty clinically healthy dogs in the course of controlled breathing in halothane inhalation anaesthesia to evaluate in a complex manner the dynamics of metabolic processes in the dog organism. The test dogs were divided into three groups. In the first test group, ECG and values of acid-base balance parameters in venous blood were followed in ten dogs. In the second test group, the values of blood gases were followed in addition to the above-mentioned parameters in twenty anasthetized dogs. In the third test group comprising twenty animals, acid-base parameters in arterial blood and blood gas tension were evaluated. Greatest divergences were recorded in pH values, blood gas tension and acid-base balance values. Partly compensated respiration acidosis was observed already in 30 minutes from the start of anaesthesia, as shown by complex evaluation. The results indicate that also in optimum ventilation programme it is necessary to apply infusion solutions to the internal environment of organism which will secure metabolic rebalancing in the course of artificial pulmonary ventilation

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