Bacteria of the tribe Proteeae - Occurrence in raw materials and food, and resistance to antibiotics

Veterinarni Medicina 45, 2000, 171-176

A total 54 strains of Proteeae was isolated and identified from raw materials and foods. The most frequently present species: Proteus mirabilis (37%), Morganella morganii (25.9%), Proteus vulgaris (18.5%). Members of the genus Providencia were found less frequent (from waste water and sludge only): P, rustigianii (9.3%), P. rettgeri (5.6%) and P. alcalifaciens (3.7%). All strains were included in the genus using commercial diagnostic kit ENTEROtest 16 and identified by numerical identification program TNW. Correct species identification - excellent (EI) or very good (VGI) - was obtained in eighty-five per cent. Two Morganella morganii subsp. morganii biogroup C strains were designated as intermediate strains (IS) on the basis of both lysine and ornithine decarboxylases negative results. The antibiotic susceptibility of 50 isolates of Proteeae species was examined according to standard method. Thirty of tested strains (60%) were found resistant to one and more antibiotics. Proteus vulgaris (60% of strains), Morganella morganii (53.8% of strains), Proteus mirabilis (47.4% of strains) were the most resistant members of the tribe Proteeae

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