Preliminary identification of the fragile X in two crossbred cows

Veterinarni Medicina 45, 2000, 308-310

Numerous chromosome breaks and gaps were observed in two crossbred cows (no. 177 BW x HF and no. 689 BW x Piedmontese). In the metaphase plates obtained from the cow no. 177 the breaks were observed in 17% of cells. In 7% of cells, we found an achromatic gap or break located near the middle of q arm, closer to the centromere, at a relative distance of 0.62 from the telomere of the p arm. Furthermore the breaks were visible in 18% of cells obtained from the cow no. 689 and in 5% of cells the breaks affected the X chromosome. In this case the gap or break was also localised near the middle of the q arm, but at a relative distance 0.82 from the telomere of the p arm. In the G-banded preparations two breakpoints in the X chromosome were localised: between positive and negative bands q2.3/q2.4 and in the negative G-band q3.1. Among the offspring of cow no. 177 (7 animals) two were stillborn and one died just after birth. The cow no. 689 delivered 5 calves, two out of which were stillborn. Furthermore, the interval between first and second pregnancy for this animal was long

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