A Long-Term Intake of the Mycotoxin Ochratoxin A by Chicks with Respect to Its Residues in Foods and Feeds

Veterinarni Medicina 36, 1991, 685-693

A feeding trial was performed with chick broilers (cockerels). The feed with an addition of 850-mu-g ochratoxin A (OA) per kg was administered for six weeks. The feeding of the chicks stopped twelve hours before slaughter (in keeping with slaughter technology for chicks). Blood, liver and kidney samples were taken. At the end of trial the level of OA residues in the samples did not exceed 5-mu-g per kg. In other trials the dynamics of OA residues in the blood plasma of chicks was investigated after i. v. implantation at an amount of 2 and 20-mu-g per chick (1.5 kg 1w.). An open two-compartment model was used to estimate toxicokinetic parameters. The half-time of elimination (t1/2(beta)) was about 3.3 hours. The high total clearance (CL) of 34.2 ml/min/kg 1w. and apparent distribution volume (V(d)(area)) of 9.8 1/kg 1w. demonstrate rapid distribution to the tissues and rapid OA elimination. The results document that neither at a long-term intake of feed contaminated to the level of 850-mu-g OA per kg will the present hygienic limits of residues for foods be exceeded (5 and 20-mu-g per kg) if the principles of correct slaughter technology are observed. The blood of chicks used as feed is not an important source of OA in this case

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