Ornithosis of municipal pigeons Columba livia f. Domestica gone wild in Kosice

Veterinarni Medicina 43, 1998, 361-363

Authors present results of investigations of municipal populations of pigeons Columba livia f. domestica gone wild, living in Kosice, by complement-binding reaction microtechnique method using genero-specific antigen Chlamydia psittaci (Bioveta, Ivanovice na Hane, Czech Republic). Pigeons were trapped in historic part of the city of Kosice in the lofts of ancient buildings with damaged roofs and unclosed dormers in January and April 1997. Investigations of 292 pigeon sera showed 43.1% of positive animals in titre 1 : 16 and higher. From titre 1 : 8 46.2% sera were positive. High frequency of antibodies and high levels to the titre 1 : 2 048 (Tab. I) were found. Regarding health risk of disease transmitted to humans and protection of buildings and monuments in the case of outbreak of pigeons, it is necessary to accept more pressing forms of their regulation. The results presented here demonstrate that municipal populations of pigeons Columba livia f. domestica gone wild living in Kosice are much infected by Chlamydia psittaci

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