Methodics of Isolating Pure Cultures of Invader Larvae of Intestinal Helminths - Strongyloides Genus, Strongylata Suborder

Veterinarni Medicina 36, 1991, 381-383

A special diagnostic laboratory aid L-STAR has been made and new methodics has been worked out of isolating pure cultures of invader larvae of Strongyloides papillosus and nematodes of ruminant gastrointestinal tract of the Strongylata suborder from various substrates. L-STAR competes successfully with a currently used device and with potential modifications of B a e r m a n n ' s method (1917). Invader larvader of strongyloids and strongylata are easy to recover in a short time if L-STAR is used. When the material is treated and examined in veterinary and human parasitological laboratories, or when the material is recovered directly in field conditions (on pastures, in runs, etc.), safe and hygienic conditions are secured with respect to labour safety in an infectious environment. This aid can be used not only for diagnostics, but also for effective isolation of pure cultures of invader larvae for further studies and experimental purposes

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