Changes in ovarian activities after superovulatory treatment of sheep

Veterinarni Medicina 42, 1997, 319-326

Serine proteases are involved in a number of biological processes requiring degradation of intracellular matrices in tissue growing and its rebuilding. These are situations during the growth and maturing of ovarian follicles and their conversion into corpus luteum. Trypsin activity of similar serine proteases are controlled by their inhibitors whose synthesis and secretion is regulated by endocrine, paracrine as well as autocrine mechanisms. The fertility in natural ovarian cycle is. ensured by the balance between a number of factors. After superovulatory stimulations this balance is impaired to a different degree. The presented study has been aimed at the investigations of the effect of various combinations of serum gonadotropins (PMSG, Antex Lee, Denmark), choriongonadotropins (hCG, Praedyn, Leciva Praha, CR), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH, Foliocotropin, Spofa, Leciva Praha, CR) and anti-PMSG (goats antiserum against PMSG, Bioveta Ivanovice, CR) administered in the oestrum period after synchronization (12 days) by Agelin vaginal sponges (20 mg of chlorosuperlutine per animal

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