Resistance to antibiotics in Staphylococcus aureus at ewe mastitis, in sheep milk and its products

Veterinarni Medicina 41, 1996, 241-244

A study of current resistance to antibiotics was conducted in 500 strains of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from ewes with clinical and latent mastitis, from sheep milk and products made from it (sheep lumpy cheese, bryndza cheese). A diffusion disk method was used to assay 14 kinds of antibiotics (AMP, BAG, CEF, ERY, GEN, CMP, KAN, LIN, OXA, PEN, RIF, SPI, VAN, TET) and one chemotherapeutic drug (GOT). The highest resistance was observed in the cases of clinical mastitis (from 8% and 10% in COT and KAN to 68% and 69% in PEN and TET). Resistance significantly decreased in 13 kinds of antibiotics in the group of cases with latent mastitis (from 3% in SPI to 30% in PEN), it increased in RAN (13%) and COT (12%) only. Resistance also decreased in bulk samples of sheep milk

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