Analyzing the Motility of Bulls Spermatozoa in Fresh Ejaculates Using the Computer Technique

Veterinarni Medicina 36, 1991, 79-92

The activity of spermatozoa was measured in the fresh non-diluted ejaculates of 10 breeding bulls, using the HTM motility analyzer version 7. The average path speed was 83.6-mu-m.s-1, the average progressive speed was 48.2-mu-m.s-1 and the average straightness of the movement path was 58 %. The spermatozoa were classified and it was found that most frequently they moved at a path speed of 60-80-mu-m.s-1 (28.2 %) and at a progressive speed of 20-40-mu-m.s-1 (33.2 %). The path straightness classes above 40 % included evenly distributed numbers of spermatozoa: in classes with a less than 40% straightness the numbers of spermatozoa were much smaller. These data are characteristic of fresh undiluted bull ejaculates, suitable for artificial insemination

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