Actual experience of importance iodine for animals

Veterinarni Medicina 41, 1996, 379-386

The study summarizes current experience on the cause and impacts of iodine defficiency, compares the measures to ensure iodine needs and shows the consequences in human population and farm animal. The hazard of iodine defficiency is increasing at present due to underevaluation of mineral nutrition importance, restrictive measures in feeding techniques, further due to stronger effect of natural and anthropogenic goitrogens from feedstuffs and drinking water, higher iodine consumption due to higher performance and load caused by large-scale technologies. These facts have impact on health state of cattle which is confirmed by increased occurrance of functional disorders of the thyroid gland in young farm animals, and consequently affect iodine defficiency in human population as the major source of iodine in child s food is milk and milk products

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