Results of Surgical-Treatment of the Thoracolumbar Disc Disease in the Dog

Veterinarni Medicina 40, 1995, 213-216

The clinical records of 90 dogs with thoracolumbar disc disease treated by fenestration or decompressive surgery on Surgical Department of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno between September 1992 and March 1994 were reviewed. The breed, age and sex predisposition, rate of disc protrusion or extrusion and number of multiple disc extrusions were recorded. The frequency of disc protrusion/extrusion at each intervertebral space in thoracolumbar region of spine was also observed. Dogs were grouped by clinical signs of disease in four groups. Recovery rates depending on the pre-operative neurological grade of spinal injury and duration of clinical signs were compared. Patients were observed at least 6 months after surgery and the results of therapy were classified as good (complete recovery of motor and urinary function), fair (some remaining dysfunction, either motor or urinary, but animal retained independent function and usefulness) and poor (not enough improvement to be returned to the owner as an independent animal). Eight breeds and mixed-breed dogs were represented in the 90 cases of thoracolumbar disc disease. Shorthaired Dachshunds predominated (58.9%). The age range of dogs was 3-12 years

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