Efficiency of the Azamethiphos Baits in Housefly (Musca-Domestica L) Combating

Veterinarni Medicina 40, 1995, 17-22

The insecticidal baits Muscalik-AZA (dust formulation) and Snip (granulated formulation) contained the active ingredient azamethiphos - 1% and special fly attractant Z-9-tricosen - 0.2%. Toxicity of these baits was monitored in 4 wild resistant strains of M. domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) which were marked according to the locality of collection as J, KP, NC and NL and in 1 sensitive strain WHO/SRS. KT90 in resistant strains was in the range from 1.5 to 6.5 hrs at testing of Muscalik-AZA. The efficiency of Muscalik-AZA was manifested with 100% knock-down effect in all tested strains with exception of KP strain after 24 hrs. During the experiments with Snip the greater range of knock-down time for 90% of tested strain was observed. KT90 was in the range from 5 hrs to > 24 hrs. After 24 hrs a range between 83-97% of knock-down effect was found in all tested strains. In field conditions of the weaned piglets rearing, the efficiency of Muscalik-AZA in flies highly resistant to azamethiphos was in the range from 14 to 21.9% during 28 days. Efficiency of Muscalik-AZA in the the range between 80-91.7% was determined in the delivery room for sows in flies with low resistance to azamethiphos. The biological efficiency of Snip to flies with moderate resistance to azamethiphos was determined in the area of veterinary ambulance. The mean efficiency of Snip was 92.2% during the 28 days of test

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