Computer Numerical Identification Systems in Diagnostics of Bacteria Isolated from Animal Raw-Materials

Veterinarni Medicina 39, 1994, 197-203

Acceleration of bacteria identification and certain standardization of results in clinical, and also veterinary and food microbiology is enabled by use of commercial diagnostic sets and computer processing of their results. In the present paper, 80 bacterial strains isolated froin animal sources in the department of food hygiene were used for assessment of two numerical identification systems (TNW and IDENTI). They were isolated from primary cultures on End's, meat-peptone and blood agar (Imuna, HI-Media) under different culture regimes (37-degrees-C/24 h, laboratory temperature/3 days, 7-degrees-C/10 days). A commercial diagnostic set ENTEROtest 1 and 2 (Lachema a.s., Brno, Czech Republic) was used for the purposes of diagnostics of gramnegative fermenting, oxidase-negative bacteria. Testing was performed according to the manufacturer's instructions by the culture of isolated strain. The test results were read continually after 6-hour (sugars) and 24-hour cultivation. Each strain was tested three times. Additional tests - oxidase, catalase, yellow pigment production. These commercial numerical identification systems were compared: IDENTI (supplied by Z. Svoboda, Jihlava

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