The Isolation of Salmonellae from Poultry Carcasses and Equipments in the Poultry-Processing Plant by Means of 2 Procedures

Veterinarni Medicina 39, 1994, 315-320

A total of 235 samples (swabs, rinse and organs) from freshly dressed broiler carcasses and from equipments of poultry processing plant were examined for the presence of salmonellae by means of motility enrichment on modified semisolid Rappaport medium (SAM) and of a conventional cultural procedure using Rappaport-Vassiliadis broth (R-VB) as selective enrichment. In 61 samples (26%), Salmonella was isolated by means of one or both procedures. The highest contamination with Salmonella was found in the rinse of broiler carcasses (35.5%), followed by swabs of equipments (32.0%), tissues of organs (31.0%) and swabs of carcasses (19.7%). Twelve different serotypes and 65 strains of salmonellae were detected. S. saint paul and S. enteritidis were the most frequent serotypes. Statistical analysis showed that there was no significant difference between the procedures

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