The Counts in Selected Groups of Strictly and Facultatively Anaerobic Microorganisms in the Craw and Cecum of Chicks and Their Adherence Characteristics

Veterinarni Medicina 36, 1991, 349-354

The counts of strictly anaerobic amylolytic and lactate-utilizing bacteria, streptococci, lactobacilli, Escherichia coli and lactoso-negative bacteria were followed in chicks at the age of three to seven weeks. Age dependences of the counts in the given groups were investigated. An increase in the counts of amylolytic bacteria was observed in the caecum contents in the seventh week (4.63 +/- 0.322), and on the other hand a decrease in their counts in the caecum wall in the seventh week (3.30 +/- 0.833). The counts of E. coli adherent to the caecum wall also showed a decreasing tendency. Lactobacilli and streptococci were a stable component of the microflora of craw wall, in contrast with the decreasing counts of anaerobic amylolytic and lactate-utilizing bacteria. The average adherence index of lactobacillum isolates for adherence to the epithelial cells of craw or caecum wall ranged from 7.433 +/- 1.521 - 11.866 +/- 2.661, and/or 4.366 +/- 1.373 - 9.70 +/- 0.935. The average adherence index of the Propionibacterium acnes ranged from 7.766 +/- 0.408 to 17.40 +/- 4.721, and/or 5.10 +/- 0.738 to 7.60 +/- 1.784

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