Induction of Parturitions in Cows and Its Effect on Development of Biochemical and Hematological Indicators in the Blood of Calves

Veterinarni Medicina 39, 1994, 223-230

The effect of induction of parturitions in the 1 - 2 weeks of pregnancy was tested as exerted on die health of calves and on some biochemical and hematological indicators. The observations concerned 26 cows, out of which 14 cows (experimental group) were applied intramuscularly 500 mug of synthetic analog of prostaglandin F2 of alpha- cloprostenol. The other 12 cows were a control group. These indicators were determined in the blood of calves before colostrum intake, in 24 h, 5 and 15 days from the intake of the first colostrum ration: acid-base balance, hematocrit and leucocyte counts, in the blood plasma it was concentrations of glucose, urea, Na, K, Ca, inorganic P, vitamin A and E levels and AST and GMT activities. The same range of examinations was performed in the blood and/or in the blood plasma of cows, in addition to urea screening. Blood and urea samples were taken a month before and a month after parturition. No deviations from the normal state were found by the examination of highly-pregnant cows. Afterbirth retention was found in 87% cows of the experimental group after parturition, while it was only 9.8% in the control group. All the calves in the experiment had good vitality, very good health in the course of 15-day observation. There were not any significant differences in the birth weight and weight gains of the calves of experimental and control groups. As for the indicators investigated in blood and/or in blood plasma of the calves of experimental group, significantly reduced levels of glucose, vitamin E, GMT activity and leucocyte counts were found out before colostrum intake (Tabs. II and IV). On the other hand, the concentrations of inorganic P were higher in comparison with the control group of calves (Tab. III). In 5 and 15 days after parturition there were no significant differences in the investigated biochemical indicators between the experimental and control group, except vitamin A levels (Tab. IV). The induction of parturition in the cows on the last days of pregnancy did not have any negative effects on the health and further development of calves

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