Economic Effectiveness of Reproduction Process

Veterinarni Medicina 38, 1993, 1-13

Observing the impacts of nutrition and technology on the reproduction process we tried to evaluate the economic effectiveness of reproduction process in relation to implementation of a broad complex of recommended zooveterinary measures on two farms with different technology in a three-year period. Our observations were based on the methodics described by Gamcik et al. (1980) in combination with procedures recommended by Kudlac and Holy (1984) and also the data presented by Georgiev and Iliev (1976) and Stegena et al. (1984). These indicators were taken into account: death loss due to emergency slaughter as a result of the genital system disorders, dairy cow death loss as a result of puerperal disorders, loss due to milk confiscation in the course of therapeutic treatment, production loss in the course of reproductive disorders, milk loss on ''dry'' days, calf loss due to reduction in birth rate. A net profit was determined after subtraction of the surplus cost necessary for implementation of the introduced targeted measures. Tab. V shows the death loss, it is evident that in financial terms the loss decreased by 63,200,- Kcs on H. farm and by 41,280,- Kcs on S. farm. The loss due to emergency slaughter decreased by 37,150,- Kcs on H. farm and by 23,100,- Kcs on S. farm (Tab. VI). Milk confiscation on the first 8 to 10 days of lactation was necessary in all ill and cured dairy cows as a result of antibiotic administration

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