An Accelerated Procedure of Determination of Psychrotrophic Bacteria in Raw-Milk

Veterinarni Medicina 38, 1993, 83-88

Determination of the counts of psychrotrophic bacteria offers an important indicator of the technological quality of purchased raw milk, and also an indicator of the hygienic level of its production in agricultural primary production, particularly with respect to the sanitation of milking machines. The applied and published methods of determination of the counts of psychrotrophic microbial contaminants have revealed large differences, multiplied by insufficient legislation in this country, by vague and even wrong definition of the given group of bacteria, and/or by the misuse of the concepts psychrotrophic and psychrophil bacteria. Since the level of the microbial quality of raw milk should be increased, we investigated and developed convenient methods of determination of psychrotrophic bacterium counts in the last years (U r b a n o v a et al., 1988

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