Epizootology and Pathogenesis Or House-Sparrow (Passer-Domesticus) and Mountain-Sparrow (Parus-Montanus)

Veterinarni Medicina 38, 1993, 667-685

The occurrence and extension of avian mycobacteriosis in house-sparrows (P. domesticus) and mountain-sparrows (P. montarus) have been followed under different epidemiological conditions. Out of 2.929 totally examined house-sparrow pathological changes of tuberculosis were found in 3 (0.10 %) animals and in 14 (0.48 %) animals the mycobacteria were isolated. By an examination ofanimals the mycobacteria were isolated. By an examination of 544 mountain-sparrow the mycobacteria in 12 (2.20 %) cases and in 1 case were isolated and the mycobacteria were found in the intestinal contents. Out of 11 different locations the mycobacteria were found only in places where a contact between sparrows and poultry contaminated by TBC was possible. In some cases the sparrow could be a source of mycobacteria for cattle as well. Simultaneously, the occurrence of TBC in sparrows out of cattle stables correlated with high incidence of avian tuberculin reactions in cattle stabled there. The sparrow could be here not only the source but also an indicator of mycobacteria environment infection. All isolated strains of mycobacteria were virulent for poultry

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