Pathology and Differential Diagnostics of the Maedi-Visna Disease

Veterinarni Medicina 38, 1993, 705-721

The intensity and distribution of typical lesions in organs and tissues were determined in 38 sheep with serological positivity to the Maedi-Visna disease. The lesions in the lungs, mammary gland, CNS and joints were evaluated according to the number of marks. The lungs, mammary gland and CNS were affected most frequently. Concurrent incidence of pulmonary adenomatosis was determined in 57 % of the examined cases. Differential diagnostics of typical M-V virus induced lesions and pulmonary adenomatosis is discussed in this paper. Identification of eight cases of meningoencephalitis, which is considered as the initial stage of Visna form, is a priority observation in the Czech Republic. With respect to distribution of lentivirus carriers, the authors emphasize the need of detailed pathomorphological examination of culled sheep

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