Catecholamine Levels in the Blood-Plasma of Ewes in the Estrus Period During Superovulation

Veterinarni Medicina 37, 1992, 101-107

The effects of a serum gonadotropin (SG) superovulation hormonal preparation were investigated on catecholamine levels (norepinephrine, dopamine and epinephrine) in the blood plasma of ewes with synchronized oestrus in the oestrus period. In this trial the blood plasma of eleven ewes of the Slovak Merino breed was analyzed to detect catecholamines in the oestrus period. Superovulation was induced by an i.m. administration of 1500 IU SG as soon as oestrus synchronization with Agelin vaginal tampons finished (20 mg chlorsuperlutin) which lasted for 10 days. Catecholamines were detected in the blood plasma before synchronization, on the day of Agelin vaginal tampons application, and in 48 and 72 hours after the hormone administration - on the days of the expected ovulation. Catecholamine concentrations in the blood plasma were determined by a radioenzymatic assay using a Catechola test (Praha). The results indicate that synchronization and hormonal stimulation influence plasma catecholamine levels. The norepinephrine (NE) concentration in the blood plasma of the control samples has the value of 8.31 +/- 0.732 pmol/ml. An insignificant increase in the NE levels (13.12 +/- 0.120 pmol/ml

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