A Study of the Values of Metabolic Profile Parameters in the Large-Scale Breeding of Goats Throughout the Seasons of the Year

Veterinarni Medicina 37, 1992, 113-118

Thirty-five biochemical parameters were investigated in 144 clinically healthy goats throughout the seasons of the year from March 1984 to April 1986. The average values and standard deviations of the investigated parameters of metabolic profile which are presented in this paper were obtained from examinations performed throughout the whole period of investigation. The average values of biochemical parameters are presented in Tabs.I and II. Our study of the values of the given parameters in the large-scale breeding of goats throughout the seasons of the year did not show a clear seasonal dependence of any of the investigated parameters with the exception of vitamin A and beta-carotene contents. The average values and standard deviations of vitamin A and beta-carotene contents recorded throughout the year seasons are shown in Tab. III. Based on the average, and also individual values, it can be seen that the lowest levels of vitamin A were recorded at the beginning of the spring season (before the goats began to graze). In the winter seasons of 1984 and 1985 there were only traces of beta-carotene in the blood serum. A relatively great variance of the values mentioned by different authors demonstrates their great variability, which is influenced particularly by different environmental conditions, various methods of investigation, different nutrition and exploitation of the animals

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