Isolation and Study of Biological Characteristics of Nononcogenic Chicken Herpesviruses of Mareks-Disease .1. Invitro Characterization

Veterinarni Medicina 37, 1992, 531-534

The present paper deals with isolation of nonpathogenic chicken herpesviruses of Marek's disease [MD] and their in vitro characterization. Two strains of herpesviruses [denoted as VUB-M and -K isolates] were isolated from leucocytes separated from the blood of fattening chickens without clinical and pathomorphological symptoms of Marek's disease and from the blood of laying hens of a laboratory nonvaccinated flock without clinical symptoms, but with almost 100% incidence of precipitating MD antibodies. After in vitro adaptation, they were cytopathic for chicken embryonal fibroblasts in three days after infection. Isolates were identified as chicken herpesviruses of Marek's disease on the basis of the origin and nature of cytopathic effect in CEF [ B i g g s and M i l n e, 1972], lack of infectivity of culture medium and loss of infectivity of cells after their destruction through repeated cycles of freezing and thawing [B i g g s and P a y n e, 1967], then serologically by agar gel immunodiffusion against specific serum [ C h u b b and C h u r c h i l l , 1968] and electronoptically

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